2022-23 Gallagher Premiership Schedule Announced Officially: Live Stream

2022 23 Gallagher Premiership Schedule Announced Officially

2022-23 Gallagher Premiership Schedule Announced Officially: Live Stream

Premiership Rugby Fixtures 2022/23


Gallagher Premiership 2022/23 season kicks off on 9th September 2022 when Bristol Bears will play their opening match with Bath Rugby. 

Last season was a difficult season for both sides, as Bath finished bottom of the table and now looking a the new start with Johann Graan'sraan participation, whereas Bristol finish 10th in the 2021/22 season

The second match of the event between Sale Sharks and Northampton Saints will take place at the AJ Bell Stadium on Friday.

On 10th September 2022, defending champion Leicester Tigers will begin their season with Exeter Chiefs at Sandy Park and on the same day London Irish will play against Worcester Warriors and Newcastle Falcons will face the Harlequins. The first round ends on Sunday, September 11, when the Wasps travel to Kingsholm to take on Gloucester rugby.

The last edition runners-up Saracens will say bye in the opening week and play their first game against the Harlequins at The Stoop on September 17.

Leicester Tigers manager Steve Boswick said: "We are very much looking forward to the new Gallagher Premiership rugby season and the challenges of being one of the most competitive rugby leagues."

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Check the 2022-23 Premiership Rugby full schedules below:

Round 1

Friday 9: Sept Bristol vs Bath (7.45 pm)

Friday 9: Sept Sale vs Northampton (7.45 pm)

Saturday 10: Sept Exeter vs Leicester (3:00 pm)

Saturday 10 Sept London Irish vs Worcester (3:00 pm)

Saturday 10 Sept Newcastle vs Harlequins (3:00 pm)

Sunday 11 Sept Gloucester vs Wasps (3:00 pm)

Round 2

Friday 16 Sept Northampton vs London Irish (7.45 pm)

Saturday 17 Sept Bath vs Sale (3:00 pm)

Saturday 17 Sept Harlequins vs Saracens (3:00 pm)

Saturday 17 Sept Leicester vs Newcastle (3:00 pm)

Saturday 17 Sept Wasps vs Bristol (3:00 pm)

Sunday 18 Sept Worcester vs Exeter (3:00 pm)

Round 3

Friday 23 Sept Bath vs Wasps (7.45 pm)

Saturday 24 Sept Bristol vs London Irish (3:00 pm)

Saturday 24 Sept Northampton vs Leicester (3:00 pm)

Saturday 24 Sept Saracens vs Gloucester (3:00 pm)

Saturday 24 Sept Worcester vs Newcastle (3:00 pm)

Sunday 25 Sept Exeter vs Harlequins (3:00 pm)

Round 4

Friday 30 Sept Newcastle vs Bristol (7.45 pm)

Saturday 1 Oct Gloucester vs Worcester (3:00 pm)

Saturday 1 Oct London Irish vs Bath (3:00 pm)

Saturday 1 Oct Sale vs Exeter (3:00 pm)

Saturday 1 Oct Saracens vs Leicester (3:00 pm)

Sunday 2 Oct Harlequins vs Northampton (3:00 pm)

Round 5

Friday 7 Oct Bristol vs Exeter (7.45 pm)

Saturday 8 Oct Bath vs Gloucester (3:00 pm)

Saturday 8 Oct Leicester vs Sale (3:00 pm)

Saturday 8 Oct Worcester vs Harlequins (3:00 pm)

Sunday 9 Oct Newcastle vs Saracens (3:00 pm)

Sunday 9 Oct Wasps vs Northampton (3:00 pm)

Round 6

Friday 14 Oct Sale vs London Irish (7.45 pm)

Saturday 15 Oct Exeter vs Wasps (3:00 pm)

Saturday 15 Oct Gloucester vs Bristol (3:00 pm)

Saturday 15 Oct Northampton vs Newcastle (3:00 pm)

Saturday 15 Oct Saracens vs Bath (3:00 pm)

Sunday 16 Oct Harlequins vs Leicester (3:00 pm)

Round 7

Friday 21 Oct London Irish vs Gloucester (7.45 pm)

Saturday 22 Oct Bath vs Northampton (3:00 pm)

Saturday 22 Oct Bristol vs Worcester (3:00 pm)

Saturday 22 Oct Exeter vs Saracens (3:00 pm)

Sunday 23 Oct Leicester v Wasps (3:00 pm)

Sunday 23 Oct Sale vs Harlequins (3:00 pm)

Round 8

Friday 28 Oct Gloucester vs Exeter (7.45 pm)

Saturday 29 Oct Harlequins vs London Irish (3:00 pm)

Saturday 29 Oct Northampton vs Bristol (3:00 pm)

Saturday 29 Oct Worcester vs Bath (3:00 pm)

Sunday 30 Oct Saracens vs Sale (3:00 pm)

Sunday 30 Oct Wasps vs Newcastle (3:00 pm)

Round 9

Friday 4 Nov Northampton vs Exeter (7.45 pm)

Saturday 5 Nov Sale vs Gloucester (1:00 pm)

Saturday 5 Nov Leicester vs Worcester (3:00 pm)

Saturday 5 Nov London Irish vs Wasps (3:00 pm)

Saturday 5 Nov Newcastle vs Bath (3:00 pm)

Saturday 5 Nov Bristol vs Saracens (5:00 pm)

Round 10

Friday11 Nov Bath vs Leicester (7.45 pm)

Saturday 12 Nov Gloucester vs Newcastle (3:00 pm)

Saturday 12 Nov Worcester vs Sale (3:00 pm)

Saturday 12 Nov Exeter vs London Irish (5:00 pm)

Sunday 13 Nov Saracens vs Northampton (3:00 pm)

Sunday 13 Nov Wasps vs Harlequins (5:00 pm)

Round 11

25-27 Nov Harlequins vs Gloucester

25-27 Nov Leicester vs London Irish

25-27 Nov Newcastle vs Exeter

25-27 Nov Northampton vs Worcester

25-27 Nov Sale vs Bristol

25-27 Nov Saracens vs Wasps

Round 12

2-4 Dec Bath vs Harlequins

2-4 Dec Bristol vs Leicester

2-4 Dec Gloucester vs Northampton

2-4 Dec London Irish vs Newcastle

2-4 Dec Wasps vs Sale

2-4 Dec Worcester vs Saracens

Round 13

23-26 Dec Exeter vs Bath

23-26 Dec Harlequins vs Bristol

23-26 Dec Leicester vs Gloucester

23-26 Dec London Irish vs Saracens

23-26 Dec Newcastle vs Sale

23-26 Dec Wasps vs Worcester

Round 14

30 Dec-1 Jan Bath vs Newcastle

30 Dec-1 Jan Bristol vs Wasps

30 Dec-1 Jan Northampton vs Harlequins

30 Dec-1 Jan Sale vs Leicester

30 Dec-1 Jan Saracens vs Exeter

30 Dec-1 Jan Worcester v London Irish

Round 15

6-8 Jan Exeter vs Worcester

6-8 Jan Gloucester vs Bath

6-8 Jan Harlequins vs Wasps

6-8 Jan Leicester vs Northampton

6-8 Jan London Irish vs Bristol

6-8 Jan Saracens v Newcastle

Round 16

27-29 Jan Bath vs Saracens

27-29 Jan Exeter vs Gloucester

27-29 Jan Harlequins vs Sale

27-29 Jan Newcastle vs Northampton

27-29 Jan Wasps vs London Irish

27-29 Jan Worcester vs Leicester

Round 17

3-5 Feb Bristol vs Newcastle

3-5 Feb Gloucester vs London Irish

3-5 Feb Leicester vs Harlequins

3-5 Feb Northampton vs Bath

3-5 Feb Sale vs Worcester

3-5 Feb Wasps vs Exeter

Round 18

10-12 Feb Bath vs Exeter

10-12 Feb London Irish vs Sale

10-12 Feb Newcastle vs Leicester

10-12 Feb Northampton vs Gloucester

10-12 Feb Saracens vs Bristol

10-12 Feb Worcester vs Wasps

Round 19

17-19 Feb Exeter vs Sale

17-19 Feb Gloucester vs Saracens

17-19 Feb Harlequins vs Newcastle

17-19 Feb Leicester vs Bristol

17-19 Feb Wasps vs Bath

17-19 Feb Worcester vs Northampton

Round 20

3-5 Mar Bath vs London Irish

3-5 Mar Bristol vs Northampton

3-5 Mar Harlequins vs Worcester

3-5 Mar Leicester vs Exeter

3-5 Mar Newcastle vs Gloucester

3-5 Mar Sale vs Saracens

Round 21

10-12 Mar Exeter vs Bristol

10-12 Mar Gloucester vs Harlequins

10-12 Mar London Irish vs Leicester

10-12 Mar Northampton vs Wasps

10-12 Mar Sale vs Bath

10-12 Mar Saracens vs Worcester

Round 22

17-19 Mar Bristol vs Sale

17-19 Mar Harlequins vs Exeter

17-19 Mar Leicester vs Bath

17-19 Mar Newcastle vs London Irish

17-19 Mar Wasps vs Saracens

17-19 Mar Worcester vs Gloucester

Round 23

24-26 Mar Bath vs Bristol

24-26 Mar Exeter vs Newcastle

24-26 Mar Gloucester vs Leicester

24-26 Mar London Irish vs Northampton

24-26 Mar Sale vs Wasps

24-26 Mar Saracens vs Harlequins

Round 24

14-16 Apr Bristol vs Harlequins

14-16 Apr Leicester vs Saracens

14-16 Apr London Irish vs Exeter

14-16 Apr Newcastle vs Worcester

14-16 Apr Northampton vs Sale

14-16 Apr Wasps vs Gloucester

Round 25

21-23 Apr Exeter vs Northampton

21-23 Apr Gloucester vs Sale

21-23 Apr Harlequins vs Bath

21-23 Apr Newcastle vs Wasps

21-23 Apr Saracens vs London Irish

21-23 Apr Worcester vs Bristol

Round 26

5-7 May Bath vs Worcester

5-7 May Bristol vs Gloucester

5-7 May London Irish vs Harlequins

5-7 May Northampton vs Saracens

5-7 May Sale vs Newcastle

5-7 May Wasps vs Leicester


12-14 May (live on BT Sport)


Sat 27 May (Twickenham, live on ITV & BT Sport)

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